Big Wilf’s velcro-fastening church bell muffles

We are the leading church bell muffle manufacturer based in the UK.



Next day carriage on all orders is £9.10 (£10.92 inc VAT).

All of our muffles are eligible expenditure under the Listed Places of Worship Scheme for a grant to the value of the VAT charged.

Due to the increasing cost of materials the above prices will be held for all orders raised prior to 20th December 2024.

Please see our measuring clappers page under ordering, for the shapes of muffles we can offer muffles to fit.

* you will need to have our half muffles with velcro straps for the secondary muffles to attach. Without the half muffles, there is no way of attaching the secondary muffles to a clapper.

All complete sets of new muffles are supplied in a complimentary embroidered storage bag with carrying strap.

Double set of muffles for Chester Cathedral.

Video/Audio Clips

Ringing with Big Wilf’s muffles:

Half muffled call changes at Lustleigh, Devon [ YouTube clip].

Half muffled ringing at St Mary’s Basilica, Sydney [ YouTube clip].

Stedman Doubles (half muffled) at Rodbourne Cheney, Swindon [ YouTube clip].

Fully muffled ringing from St Mary’s, Barton upon Humber to commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War [ YouTube clip].

The back ten at St Mary le Tower, Ipswich, ringing Grandsire Caters on 11 November 2013 [ YouTube clip].

The new twelve at Great St Mary, Cambridge [ YouTube clip].

Try-out of new muffles at St Mary’s, Southampton [ YouTube clip].

The bells of Llandaff Cathedral, Remembrance Sunday 2015 [ M4A file, 2Mb].

The bells of St Erme, Cornwall, ringing Grandsire Doubles (recorded by Eric Bannister) [ MP3 file, 1.06Mb].

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